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Developing &
Critical Comprehension

A new approach to K-5 digital literacy.

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Our Mission

DUCC aims to reduce susceptibility to harmful online content by building up critical comprehension skills in youth through digital literacy and social-emotional learning.

Our Vision

A world free from targeted violence and a new generation of empowered youth.

DUCC (Developing & Using Critical Comprehension) is a program for K-5 students that combines digital literacy and social-emotional learning in a comprehensive curriculum to strengthen critical thinking skills.

Our non-partisan curriculum will include 24 lesson plans with online games and animated videos for students to develop skills to effectively navigate online spaces using rational decision-making and logical reasoning.

What is in the DUCC Curriculum?

24 Modules, 4 per grade K-5

Each module teaches digital literacy, critical thinking and SEL through core subject areas. Through DUCC, students will develop skills to navigate online spaces using rational decision-making and logical reasoning.


Our lessons are non-partisan, applicable to all regions, evidence-based, age-appropriate, and fun!

DUCC’s curriculum includes multimedia educational materials:

Lesson Plans

Online Games

Animated Videos

Interactive Activites

DUCC's curriculum is currently in development with teachers, psychologists, and content-area experts to be released Spring 2025.

Until then, view our pilot lesson plans and award-winning animated video

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